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Taken By Her Black Student  by  Gabrielle Subtil

Taken By Her Black Student by Gabrielle Subtil
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Cassandra Knowles is having a bad day. Her students are talking back to her, and Troy is being especially obnoxious. So she decides to give him detention. Little does she know that it is SHE who is going to get detention, SHE who is going to submit to his young bull lust, and by the end of it, shell be a soaked, squirming mess...18+!

This 4000 word sex story contains scenes of rough, graphic sex between a submissive teacher and her dominating black bull of a student. Enjoy!Read an excerpt:So when Troy stepped into class and closed the door lightly behind him, Cassandra Knowles was sitting behind her desk, legs and arms crossed, trying to look stern.

She had no idea whether it was working, because her heart had quickened when the strapping senior set foot in the class and their eyes met. Troy was big and black, a real Nubian, she thought. Hell, she remembered him mentioning that his father was originally from Egypt. His skin shone in a healthy way that Cassie was so envious of.

His eyes were two coals set above prominent cheekbones. Cassie pressed her thighs together, feeling the first hints of lust sneaking up through her belly - even as she cleared her throat and addressed him in a stern voice.“So, Troy, what was that talk-back in class today?” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, tilted his head from side to side as if considering his answer.“Well, Miss Knowles, I just really dont see why we gotta learn about it. Its not real interesting, you know what I mean?” Troy shrugged the shoulder that his backpack was slung over.

Cassandra leaned forward, put her arms on the desk, clasped her hands.“I dont really know what you mean, Troy. This is part of the curriculum, and Norman Mailer is considered one of the greatest American writers for a reason. What would you like to read?” Too late, she realized that her voice held a subtle hint of a sneer, and saw Troys eyes light up in anger.

She felt so exposed then! Those eyes, dangerous and powerful... Her heart thudded in her chest. Had she gone too far? Troy unslung his backpack from his shoulder, his eyes never leaving hers. He unzipped the backpack, and pulled out a thick volume. Cassie couldnt see what it was from where she was sitting, but she fought to keep her composure and stern expression as Troy slowly walked over. Her thighs were getting warmer, her sex – wetter and more insistent. The black boy was at her desk now, staring down at her, unblinking. He put the book down in front of her, and Cassie saw that it was the complete works of William Shakespeare.“Oh, Shakespeare,” Cassie barely choked out.

“How nice...” But her voice trailed off under Troys burning stare.“Thats right, Miss Knowles,” Troy said, his teeth gleaming white in stark contrast to his dark skin. “I have a particular favorite. Do you know what my favorite play by Shakespeare is?”Cassie shook her head meekly, trying to will away the feeling of being struck dumb... and the desire at the bottom of her belly as she squeezed her thighs even harder together. She was getting moist, she knew it – but she couldnt! It was so wrong – and if this got out, her job – everything!

Shed lose everything! Troy laughed softly, a husky, predatory laugh.“Its Othello, Miss Knowles. The one about the black dude and the white chick.” Troy walked around her desk, and now he was so close to her, sitting on one corner. He scrutinized her with what Cassie thought was pity or maybe contempt. She felt so weak, and so horny!

Her heart was racing, and Cassie was sure she had a sheen of sweat on her brow...

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