A Very Spooky Tail John West


Published: May 22nd 2012

Kindle Edition

38 pages


A Very Spooky Tail  by  John West

A Very Spooky Tail by John West
May 22nd 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 38 pages | ISBN: | 4.22 Mb

“What was that?” Whispered Alley.“Did you hear those strange sounds?”“Like the screeching of owls or the baying of hounds.”But it was just the wind moaning in the dark of the night,it was spooky and scary and it gave them a fright.They shivered and shook at the creaking of doors,rain tapping on windows like skeleton claws.They huddled together safe under the coversthere was Alley aged nine and her two little brothers.Then dark clouds rolled in and the moon disappearedsomething spooky might happen, something terribly weird.This rather spooky rhyming ‘tail’ is about a midnight adventure that Alley and her two little brothers embark upon in their own home, with unexpected results!

Everything that happens is in their imagination so please don’t be concerned, there are no real ghosts, as of course there aren’t any…Or are there?Anyhow, as in all good stories, everything turns out well in the end, although I somehow don’t think that they will be creeping around their house at midnight again in a hurry. I somehow think they’d rather be tucked up safely in their beds in future!

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